Stem Changing Verbs

As in English, there are many Spanish verbs that change spelling with different verb tenses. The most familiar example in English is the verb form of to be, in Spanish, ser:
English - I am,  You are, He is, We are ...,
Spanish - Soy,    Eres,      Es,     Somos
There are others, of course, por supuesto, including: estar, dar, ir, and others. Here is my list of stem changers that follow a pattern.

Irregular verbs                                             present                             preterite

e to ie

pensar - to think                                          pienso                               pensé
querer - to want, like, love                         quiero                                quise
cerrar - to close                                           cierro                                 cerré
comenzar - to begin                                    comienzo                          comencé
despertar - to awaken                                 despierto                           desperté
empezar - to begin                                      empiezo                            empiecé
entender - to understand                             entiendo                            entendé
perder - to lose                                            pierdo                               perdí
preferir - to prefer                                       prefiero                             prefirí
sentar - to seat                                             sienta                                senté
sentir - to regret, feel                                  siento                                sentí

o to ue

contar - to count                                          cuento                               conté
poder - to be able                                        puedo                                pode
costar - to cost                                             cuesto                               costé
dormir - to sleep                                          duermo                             dormí
encontrar - to find,meet                               encuentro                         encontré
jugar - to play                                               juego                                jugí
morir - to die                                                muerto                              mortí
mostrar - to show                                         muestro                            mostré
volar - to fly                                                 vuelo                                volé
volver - to return                                          vuelvo                              volví


e to i

pedir - to ask (for)                                       pido                                   pedí
repetir - to repeat                                         repito                                 repetí
seguir - to follow                                         sigo                                    seguí
servir - to serve                                            sirvo                                  serví
vestir - to dress                                            visto                                   vestí

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