Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oye Como Va - Yo, How's it going

A classic song written in 1963 by Tito Puente and made popular by Santana in 1970.

Oye como va, mi ritmo
Bueno pa' gozar mulata
No Dudar

Oye, how goes my rhythm.
It's good to enjoy, mulata (a mixed race woman)
No doubt.

In French one often says, "Comment ça va ?" In Spanish the words sound like, "Como se va." The Spanish phrase doesn't translate the same. Might one say "Como lo va?" Instead one uses the equally sonorous, "Que pasa" o "Que tal". Tito Puente and Santana demonstrate that the phrase como va has other uses.

One should not read too much into the lyrics. I think Tito and Carlos were into the music and the rhythm. No debes leer demasiado en las palabras. Creo que Tito y Carlos estaban en la música y el ritmo. Tito's use of mulata for a woman demonstrates the mixed culture of Puerto Rico and nothing more.

If you are looking for subtleties of lyrics try listening to No te va gustar. Even though the lyrics suggest that you aren't going to like it, you will. Escucharlo es amarlo.

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